Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Dovec is a renowned Bariatric Surgeon with over a decade of experience, having performed 4,400+ successful Weight Loss Surgeries. She’s celebrated not only for her surgical expertise but also for her dynamic, compassionate presence in the bariatric community. She is a firm believer in the life-changing potential of bariatric surgery, helping individuals break free from chronic health conditions, regain confidence, and attain lifelong wellness.

As the founder and CEO of BodyByBariatrics, Dr. Dovec has pioneered a leading surgical and medical obesity treatment program, gaining national recognition. Holding board certifications in general surgery and esteemed fellowships, she brings her expertise to patients worldwide through 100% virtual consultations and lifelong support. Dr. Dovec’s mission remains rooted in personalized care and sustainable results, offering individuals a path to lifelong wellness.


Hannah is a seasoned Registered Dietitian (RD) with a passion for making a difference in the fight against obesity. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida and completed her rigorous RD training at Tulane University, where she honed her expertise in medical nutrition therapy. With a dedication to pushing the boundaries of her specialty, Hannah is committed to revolutionizing the approach to obesity treatment. She consistently achieves superb results, helping patients set and attain their health and wellness goals.

Within the bariatric community, Hannah is known for her extensive knowledge and vibrant personality, which she brings to every interaction. She has reimagined the patient experience, crafting an intimate and convenient virtual platform that fosters genuine connections and effective support for her patients. Hannah’s mission is to drive positive change in the battle against obesity, one personalized consultation at a time.


Dr. Diana Panciera-Lane is a board-certified surgeon specializing in Bariatric Surgery. She is a dedicated professional with a remarkable journey and a deep commitment to her patients’ well-being. A Florida native, she is thrilled to be back in the Sunshine State, providing exceptional care to patients near and far. Her expertise extends to minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries, complex revisional bariatric procedures, and foregut surgery.

Dr. Lane is driven by her desire to positively impact her patients’ lives, helping them regain their health and reclaim their futures. Her personal weight loss journey, during which she shed over 100 pounds in just two years, has fueled her passion for the transformative power of bariatric surgery. With an impressive record of 450 minimally invasive surgeries completed to date, she finds purpose in every operation, embracing the opportunity to change lives.


There is indisputable evidence that community and the knowledge that you aren’t in this by yourself is beneficial to your health. Being in a supportive environment is consistently associated with an overall improved sense of well-being and lowers anxiety and depression rates. We offer private forums to talk openly and honestly about your struggles without judgment. Don’t do this journey in isolation – we are in this together!