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Eating and Emotions- A Virtual Chat with Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes, LCSW

Join the BodyByBariatrics team and Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes, LCSW for our monthly virtual support group! We will be discussing eating, emotions, and the mental health side of bariatric surgery. For more information about Ashlyn, please visit her website at: https://advancebariatriccounseling.com/


Navigating the Decision: Is Adolescent Bariatric Surgery the Right Choice for Your Teen?

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Are you considering adolescent bariatric surgery for your teenager? Making the decision to pursue this option is a complex and sensitive one. It’s crucial to thoroughly understand the benefits, risks, and long-term implications involved. In this article, we will explore whether adolescent bariatric surgery is the right choice for your teen.

Sleep, Weight Loss, and Bariatric Surgery

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Sleep when you’re dead? If you want to get the most out of life, think again. In this blog we are going to serve up a big dose of Vitamin Zzzzzzzzz! Tired of struggling with your weight? Well, what if I told you that getting a good night’s sleep could actually help you shed those pounds? It may sound too good to be true, but the connection between restful sleep, weight loss, and bariatric surgery is backed by scientific evidence.…

Why Finding Support is Vital for Your Bariatric Surgery Journey

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Embarking on a bariatric surgery journey is a life-changing decision with both physical and emotional implications. It’s a path that requires not just medical expertise but also a strong support system to navigate the challenges ahead. In this article, we explore why finding support is vital for your bariatric surgery journey and how it can dramatically impact your success.  Having a strong support network can provide the emotional reassurance needed to overcome the fears and uncertainties associated with weight loss…


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